Are Both Credit Card Charges Finalized or Do They Show As Pending?

If you used different cards to make a payment your bank has probably placed a hold on your account. This often takes several business days to be released, so you may be showing two pending charges on your accounts. This does not mean that we received payment twice. Please allow time for the bank to remove the holds and for the final charges to post to your account. 

These holds are made by your bank and are beyond our control, we have no way of releasing them.

AMEX Customers: 

If you tried to make the payment with AMEX, and it failed, they have probably placed a hold on your card for the amount, which will come off in a day or so after everything processes. If that's not the case, and you can see a charge for AMEX after several days we’ll need a screenshot of the details of the charge (without your card info of course) so we can reach out to our credit card processor to further assist you. 

Did You Add an Item at Checkout? 

We offer additional items for sale at checkout.  If you chose one of these items, the amount will be processed separately from the rest of your order.  This will result in two charges on your card - one for the original amount and one for the additional item. These will both total the amount of the one charge you were expecting.  

Did You Use PayPal for the Payment?

Please check your PayPal account for "balance affecting transactions" and make sure that what appears to be a double charge is not in fact a transfer from your bank or credit card to resolve a low balance in your PayPal account. 

If you used PayPal installment payments for your purchase, your receipt from us will look like you paid us in full, and you will need to follow the payment plan you set up with them. This is a payment agreement you are making with PayPal, not with us directly.

How Secure is My Information?