We've had reports of postal services marking packages as delivered and then having them show up in the mailbox a few days later. 

First, look all around your porch and mailbox as sometimes postal carriers hide packages from street view to prevent theft.  

Next, please check with anyone else in your home who may have brought in the package and forgot to tell you.  

Then, check with your neighbors to see if the package was delivered there by mistake. 

Then, if you still cannot find the package, you should also reach out to your local postmaster and ask them what's up! You can call them directly by searching the terms "post office [your zip code]." Tell them your package did not arrive and ask them to look into it.  

If you still cannot find it, please contact us for further assistance. 

NOTE: We are not responsible for theft or other odd occurrences after tracking shows successful delivery, but we do want you to enjoy your bucket journal! We may be able to replace items on a limited case-by-case basis or provide you with a discount code towards a new purchase.