As posted on the product page, our digital products are non-refundable. We realize that people make mistakes and we want you to get the journal you really want! 

In order to get a refund on a digital product, you'll need to 

  • create a new order for the Bucket Journal you meant to purchase
  • send us the new order number by clicking "New Support Ticket" above this article, 
  • we'll refund your original charge at that time. 

When you are searching for a link for the hardcover copy, please be aware of the title of the book. It will say TITLE-Spiral or TITLE-DIGITAL just under the photo of the cover. The best way to find it is to use the search tool on our website and search the name of the journal. It will give you a list of all the options. 

Can I Cancel My Order?

Can I Change My Order?