Due to the quick turnaround time for processing orders, we cannot make changes to orders once they are placed.  

If you placed the order less than 5 hours ago:

And it is during regular business hours, we may be able to make an adjustment to your order. Please call customer service at 844-413-4773 and we can take a look. If it is outside of normal business house see below.

If the order is more than 12 hours old:

If you find that you ordered the wrong item we will not be able to make any changes. Please place a new order for the correct item.  When you receive the wrong item, please write "Return to Sender" on the unopened package and send it back.  We will refund you (less shipping charges) when we receive the item back. 

If you do not place a new order, we will treat the returned order like a normal return.  This means we will not refund the original shipping amounts you paid.  We may also charge you fees the Post Office charges us for return to sender packages.  We will deduct these from your refund amount. 

If you accidentally ordered a digital journal instead of a physical journal, please place a new order for the physical journal and contact us with the order number.  At that time, we will refund you for the digital journal.  

Can I Change the Address on the Order?

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Can I Cancel My Order?