Welcome to My Bucket Journals, a small but motivated family-owned company in Texas specializing in helping you to bring adventure into your life. We do this by giving you a special place to dream about, plan, and record your memories. 

Adventures are important to us, here's how the idea of bucket journals started.

Back in 2017, Steven had his childhood best friend, and then his step-son pass away. Neither of them had lived life to their full potential. As a funeral director, Steve has seen this many times, he helped people who hadn't made an effort to purposefully live the life they wanted, and then it was too late. 

We began looking for a way to encourage people to live their life to the fullest and not put it off until tomorrow.

At the end of 2019, Shelle had the idea for the first "bucket journal". She created a planner to use while setting a bucket list goal to visit all 62 National Parks in the USA.  

What Makes Our Journals Different?

Journals help you take the uncommon and purposeful journeys of life and make them cherished memories. People may think that since we're in the digital age journaling is a lost art, but this is far from the truth. Taking the time to record your memories is good for your mind and also good for your posterity!

People who are living a fulfilled life are living a planned life.
  • they write down hopes and dreams for the future
  • the keep journals of notes, pictures, and memories
  • they are persistent, always moving towards the next adventure
  • they are accountable to themselves and act on their desire to live life
We've crafted My Bucket Journals to bring adventure back into your life and to help you fulfill your dreams without regrets.

Our current focus is on state and national parks - we want you to get out and explore! - but there are many other journals in progress. Keep checking back to see what new and exciting things we create.

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