If you have not received your shipment, be aware that standard shipping can currently take up to 10 to 14 days. If your tracking is showing regular updates, even every couple of days, this is normal and your package is on its way! 

Please note that what the Postal Carriers do is completely outside of our control and they are still experiencing unprecedented issues due to Covid 19 and staffing shortages. 

If your media mail or standard shipping tracking has stalled for 15 days in the same location, we will consider it lost in transit and we will ship out a replacement to you. Please create a support ticket so we can begin the process. 

If you chose a priority or expedited option, we will consider replacing the package sooner than that, but first, we will request updates from the postal carrier. However, if the package has only been stalled for a few days, please wait just a bit longer for the mail carriers to get the package back on track and you will likely see updates to the tracking shortly. 

Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence since Covid delays began, please be patient while we help you resolve your issue. 

Tracking Says My Order Is Not Accepted

Tracking Shows My Order was Delivered, but I Didn't Receive it.